Ding! You’ve Got Turkey Neck! Oh No! I Opened It…..delete! Delete! DELETE!!!

Aging is full of surprises.  If they came in the form of emails, we would delete, block, or mark many as spam.  Many of the processes of aging happen gradually, but some sneak up on us.  Suppose that one day you look in the mirror and to your utmost horror you realize that you have the dreaded turkey neck.  How did this happen?  When did this happen?  Why did this happen?  and What can you do about it?  This is exactly what we are going to be talking about.  Why do we get that unsightly sagging skin under the chin and neck, and what are some of the top-rated neck creams to help prevent and alleviate this problem?top neck creams

Why Do You Get Saggy Neck Skin?

Unfortunately, sagging skin is part of our natural aging process that we cannot avoid.  As we age, many things are happening that lead to changes in our skin and the underlying support structures that results in changes in our appearance.  Our elastin and collagen production slow down.  These two elements help give the skin the ability to bounce back and help give it structure.  As they decrease, fine lines and wrinkles develop.  You also begin to see what is called extrinsic elements, which are element that are external, such as smoking, toxic exposures, and sun damage.  There is also loss of volume as the fatty layer below the skin starts to thin, which leads to less support structure for the skin. Also, as you age, the skin becomes progressively thinner, and produces less oil, making it look dry, and less youthful.  These factors combined are a recipe for the sunken appearance, saggy eyelids, eye bags, and saggy necks that appear as we age.  Treating the skin at this point is practically futile.   Prevention is the best recipe for avoiding a turkey neck except at Thanksgiving.  My suggestion would be to start around the mid-40s, 50s at the latest.

Top Rated Neck Creams

Every review you look at for a list of top-rated neck creams will give you a list of completely different top tens.  So how did I select my top four?  I read about 15 reviews, looked at all the products, the ingredients (most of which I couldn’t understand), read the pros and cons, and then I planned.  I went back through every review, and to be in my top four, a product had to be in the top ten of any other review at least three times.  Only four products passed my test.   My goal was that each product had to cost less than $100, and all but one did.  The ugly truth about specialty creams like anti-aging products like neck cream, is that the cost is much higher than your every-day skin care products.  Let’s get into my top four products.

top rated neck creams


  • Product:  Tarte Maracuja Neck Treatment
  • Description:  Deeply moisturizing cream with visible results
  • Pros:  97 % of users report visible results, $ back if bought at tarte, lowest prices of my top four
  • Cons:  No complaints or cons found…believe it or not
  • Price:  $77.45 (subject to change)
  • Rating:  5 stars
  • Best Place to Purchase:  Amazon


Maracuja was my top pick showing up in the top 5 other top tens.  This cream gets great reviews all around and boasts impressive results. Not only did 97% report noticaeble results, 88% said they saw an improvement in lines and wrinkles.  Maracuja’s ingredients work to increase cell regeneration to get such results.  They are hypoallergenic, and tarte cosmetics that manufactures the maracuja line has an entire line of maracuja firming product’s and tarte cosmetics.


Product:  Algenist E With Alguronic Acid Firming & Lifting Neck Cream

  • Description:  Designed to address the needs of the more delicate skin around the neck ​
  • Pros:  Firmer skin, more youthful appearance, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Cons: Price, some users complain of white, filmy residue
  • Price:  $72.38 (subject to change)
  • Rating:  4.5
  • Best Place to Purchase:  WalMart


Algenist makes some impressive claims, such as improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles in 94% of users in just 4 weeks. This top-rated neck cream has rave revues in NY Magazine, Maxim, The Oprah Magazine, Dr. Oz, and many more not listed here.  This is definitely one worth consideration.


  • Product:  Perricone MD Cold Plasma Sub-D
  • Description:  Utilizes ingredients in Dr. Perricone’s system for total neck rejuvenation
  • Pros:  Restores loose skin, more youthful look, fights all visible signs of aging, 60 days $ back 
  • Cons:  Price, some users claim it doesn’t work
  • Price:  $70.88 (subject to change)
  • Rating 4 stars    
  • Best Place to Purchase: Amazon


This firming neck and jaw cream appeared in the top ten 5 times.  This system seems to have a lot of complicated science involved.  This cream acts at the cellular level to achieve impressive published results, such as 82% of users report a decrease in double chins and sagging jaws after only 45 days of use.  Results like these are probably why this top-rated neck cream appeared 5 times in other popular neck cream reviews.  Although this cream is more expensive, the 60 days $ back guarantee makes it worth a try.


  • Product:   StriVectin TL Advanced Tightening Neck Cream with Gravitite CF Complex
  • Description:  Repairs elastin structure while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pros:  Visible lift in neck and jaw area, hydrates and replenishes skin, 30 $ back (read policy)
  • Cons:   Doesn’t include full list ingredients, some users say it doesn’t work, price
  • Price: $95.00
  • Rating:  4 stars
  • Best Place to Purchase:  Amazon


StriVectin has been around for a long time and is a well-recognized brand.  The brand has a comprehensive line of skin tightening products for areas such as the eyes, body, bags, sags, and wrinkles, as well as face and neck.  You can find StriVectin products in many local stores and online sites, so you will see a lot of variation in the price.  I do mean a lot, up to $50 between stores.  Besides the Pros listed above, this neck cream has shown smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, and who doesn’t want that?  This was my number 4 cream, based on performance and price and also on the fact that it showed up the least in other top reviews in my research.


Don’t despair, you should always know the facts—Thanksgiving comes every year, and eventually you too will have to face the turkey, even if you are vegan.  Do neck creams work?  For all the many neck creams I researched,                      hordes will adore them, and there are the naysayers that despise that one.  So, if most of the hordes love the same one over and over, they might survive and so might your vegan holiday for a few more strange tofurkey sushi dinnercelebrations.

                       Happy  Thanksgiving

                  Without the Turkey Neck


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