DIY Facial Care: For Under Five Dollars?


So by now you are following the steps, and when you look in the mirror, your skin looks better and better. What more could you want?  But something is missing. That’s right, I promised you more.  That’s right, DIY facial care.  The three things I’m going to share with you today are the best things I have ever stumbled upon. If you incorporate my favorite hacks into your skin care, you will certainly see the benefits!

Peppermint–You Thought It Was Just Candy!

Peppermint, not just for Christmas.  Did you know, peppermint is wonderful for drawing oil from the skin. What you are going to do is make a tent steam sauna using peppermint. What you need:  Hair clips, large bowl, large towel, several peppermints, pot to boil water.  Directions:  Crack the peppermint into small pieces; boil the water; pour water into bowl; put peppermint in the water; lean over water; cover head with towel, steam 5-10 minutes!  BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF!  peppermint facial steamThis will get REALLY steamy. Vent yourself if necessary. Stop if it gets too hot. Your pores will be very open. This is a great time to mask or do a pore strip. Hope you like this great hack!

Honey and Milk! Is it Tea Time or Time for Another Hack?

This hack is fantastic, and you certainly could enjoy a cup of chai while relaxing with this incredible mask that literally erases the years. That is hard to believe that you can make a mask using ingredients from your cupboard and look years younger, and the best news is you can do it every day if you like. First, pull back your hair, because this is a sticky one.  To make this mask you need two ingredients: honey and powdered milk. Take 4 tablespoons of powdered milk and 2 tablespoons of honey and mix together. If the mixture is too thick, add a little water.  Spread on your face and leave as long as you like. The honey is a natural moisturizer, and they both act as cleansers.  Free radicals help detoxify the skin.  When you wash off this mask, you will be amazed at how you look. Please leave me a comment and let me know how much younger you look.  And enjoy your tea as well.honeoy milk mask

Cucumbers? I Hate Cucumbers! But Give Me One!!!

Now you will never ever meet anyone who hates a cucumber more than me, so if I’m giving you a hack involving a cucumber it must be worth it. You need to know that this requires two people.  Items needed:  8-10 strips of very thin fabric per person (12 x  3 inches) of very thin white cotton; at least 2 cucumbers per person.

Instructions:  clean your face;  peel  cucumbers;  pulp  cucumbers until mushy; lay the strips across your partner’s face; start at the forehead and move down to the chin overlapping each strip by about 1/2 inch; homemade cucumber face maskleave nose exposed; apply even coat of the mixture over the strips; leave on for 15 minutes; carefully remove.

Cucumber is cooling and soothing, and it is also great for relieving dark circles and facial puffiness. You can eat all the cucumbers you want, but I’ll have mine like this.

**Note–I use my Vitamin for pulping my cucumbers. If you don’t have a Vitamin, I highly recommend one. A Vitamin is not just a blender. I use mine for whole food cooking, making bread (for bread making you will need a vitamix with a wet and dry container), cooking soup, and a ton of other things.


Hello? Are you reading this, or have you all rushed out to the store? Probably not, because most of these items are in our houses already. That is why I call this post my best DIY facial care hacks. So when you come home after a long day and want to unwind, have a quick chamomile, leave out the honey and milk. Enjoy a quick mint while you boil some water. Sit down and peel a few cucumbers while the water boils. Have a nice steam and put on a nice honey and milk mask. Finish the day by having hubby put a cucumber mask on for you. He’ll love that. Now you know you are going to be going to a football game on Friday night. But was it worth it? Definitely.


  • I love that these solutions are all in my house, and natural! Thank you so much for sharing them. It is so nice to read that they really do work, before going through the effort and taking the time to try them. I appreciate you doing that for us and telling us here, on your fun website! I’m trying them all.

    • Hi Sheli, I think I replied to you elsewhere, but let me do it here as well. Hope you had time to try a mask. It is nice to have a few tricks in our own kitchens. The honey milk mask really will freak you out! I always keep looking in the mirror like this can’t be for real. I should do one all the time and only take it off when I’m going out. Soon I’ll look like I’m 12. That will freak other people out. Probably not a good idea. Hope you are well.

  • Hi, this is an awesome article! I have done a facial care but, with your article I definitely want to go try these DIY facial hacks. Right now, I don’t have the powered milk. I don’t even know if I have the cucumbers but, I really surely remember when I go to the store. I love peppermint too. I use it as a DIY hair growth oil. And, I have always wondered how to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes so, this is awesome that I came across your article. Thank you so much for sharing these hacks. Not only are they nice to read but, they are affordable which is best of all. Have an awesome day!

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