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Cliche’ or Not Cliche’


Fifty one years old and no regrets, because I’ve lived my life to the fullest, played by my own rules, been the master of my own destiny, and most of all, I’ve done it my way. So if nothing else, you know I’m independent, strong willed, and have an excellent mastery of cliche’. Truthfully, I hate the use of cliche’, but there will come a point when we all look in the mirror, and see that first blue line, that slight but tangible bulge under the eye, and out of our mouths like not so eloquent prose will pour ….”beauty is in the eye of the beholder….beauty is only skin deep….wisdom is a virtue…etc” This happened to me a year ago when my beautiful porcelain skin suddenly began to change just under the eyes, the raccoon look began, and so did the questions: are you getting enough sleep? are you tired? what happened to your eyes? Well, hopefully help is on the way. I have been reading reviews of top products and based on ratings and costs have picked what I think are the best for relieving under eye problems.

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The Best Eye Cream Ingredients


What I found in reading reviews is the there is a huge variety in products available for eye care. They vary from creams to gels to under eye care to lid care, from $10 to over $200. Now my personal opinion is please don’t spend $200 on eye cream. Look at the ingredients. There are a key list of ingredients that seem to make eye creams effective and if you don’t find some of these in the product, don’t purchase it. Key ingredients to look for include: caffeine, retinal, licorice root extract, Regu-age, green tea, glycolic acid, plant stem cells, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Also, experts recommend that you  keep your eye care products in the fridge for a cooling effect and to preserve the product. As skin under the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than other facial skin, please be gentle when apply products to this area.




Hope in a Tube Eye & Lip Cream

  • Best all-around combination product
  • For puffy eyes and dark circles
  • Extreme Moisture
  • Fragrance Free
  • Excellent Reviews from Consumer Reports
  • Available at most sites for less than $35

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon



  • Cosmetic Digest 2017 The Best Eye Cream
  • Works on restoring color and reducing puffiness
  • Contains Regu-age anti-aging agent
  • Contains Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C
  • Attacks age spots, crows feet, and fine lines
  • Users report less loose skin and bags
  • Available at most sites for less than $60
  • Available in cream, gel, and with retinal (more expensive)
  • Can get a full refund after 60 days even if the bottle is empty

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Ageless Lifting and Firming Eye Cream

With Natural Shitake Complex


  • Works faster than other products at relieving puffiness (even less than 3 weeks)
  • Review by Skin Safe Products and rated 91% allergen free
  • Contains caffeine, antioxidants, retinal, and licorice root extract*
  • Available at most sites for less than $20

*Stimulates blood flow, drains fluid, reduces puffiness

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon



Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Eye Swirl


  • Consumer Reports hails this as an affordable eye cream with decent results
  • Mainly for dark circles
  • Contains peptides and pica which give skin a glow
  • Gives skin a glow, which diminishes appearance of dark circles
  • No residue
  • Available at most sites for less than $25

Cheapest place to buy:  Amazon

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Let’s Bag it Up!


Well, you can see that there are options to choose from. Every site I looked at had a different top ten! So look for the best ingredients and a good return policy. These products can be expensive. So let’s be sure we get what we pay for, cliche’ or not.


  • So I’m not exactly 100 percent familiar with products when it comes to beauty, but I do know the importance of looking good to feel good. I agree with you that in most instances, when you’re paying 150-200 dollars for an eye cream, it’s usually for the brand name and not really the effects that it’ll give you. Another really weird thing I found that might help as well is water! I know that sounds crazy, but lately I’ve started drinking more water and I’ve noticed my skin clearing up and looking better than it did before. Not sure if it is that but hey it’s something to try right? But I love this post because there’s definitely some amazing info here I have no doubt people will appreciate.

    • Thanks so much. I appreciate all your feedback. It’s not surprising your skin is looking better now that you are drinking more water. Water is the main component of our bodies. Skin is made up of cells just like the rest of the body and cells contain water. When you deprive the body and its cells of water, it becomes dehydrated. On the skin, this will actually be visible. So, keep drinking water and feeling and looking good.

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