Introduction: 3 Step Skin Care–Breaking Down the Steps

3 Step Skin Care–Breaking Down the Steps

To review the 3 step skin care system, we start with cleansing, followed by toning.  These two steps are vital to start with a clean palate.  Next you move to moisturizer.  The only exception is once, no more than twice a week you can include microdermabrasion.  Following moisturizer, always apply sunscreen, not forgetting the neck and uppergood morning face

chest areas.  This concludes the morning skin care routine.  At night you will repeat steps 1-3, minus microdermabrasion.  Simple right?!   So in learning about skin care, the best thing to do next, is to talk in detail about each step in the process and about what type of products are good to use.

Step 1: Cleansing

Cleansing is so important to begin the 3 step skin care system with clean skin.  You cannot tone or apply moisturizer to a dirty face.  First, let me address cleansing the face. Should you use a washcloth or your hands to wash your face.  There are different schools of thought. Personally, I like the mild scrubbing effect of a washcloth and feels it helps remove dirt and some extra dead skin. Either way, make sure to steam the face first to open the pores.  Never, ever use a washrag twice on your face because it holds bacteria.  You can also use a face brush, hand held or battery powered.  These have a head of concentrated round bristles that penetrate the pores and facial cleaning brushremove more dead skin.

When it comes to skin care, Clinique is the gold standard and carry something for every skin type, even for people with acne.  From ages 13-51, I have had perfectly smooth, flawless skin. I don’t think anyone could go wrong with this line of skin care products.  Don’t just believe me, read the reviews yourself.  After reading the Dermatology’s recent 5 star review, it reminded me why I love Clinique.  They set out to create high quality 3 step allergy tested skin care for women of all skin types that would change skin care.  And they did!

Step One Cleansing Products

Clinique has two options for step one cleansing products:   Clinique Facial Soap With Dish Mild or Clique Liquid Facial Soap Extra-Mild. The Clinique Facial Soap Mild is a large bar with its own case, is mild, comes in 3 skin type formulas, and doesn’t dry the skin. The liquid facial soap has all the same features as the bar soap, but is in liquid form in a pump dispenser.  It rates slightly higher than the bar soap.  Either of these would be your first step to cleanse your face in your 3 step skin care face soap

Step Two Toner

Step two in any 3 step skin care system is and always will be toner. Clinique has changed the name of their second step to exfoliation, basically the same thing. The second step consists of Cliniqe Clarifying Lotion 1, which wipes away dull skin flakes so moisturizer works better and helps fine dry lines disappear. You simply wipe it all over your skin with a cotton ball at step 2 twice a day. Simple! The Clarifying Lotion plays a large part in the 3 step program with Clinique. While the cleanser and moisturizer don’t change, the clarifying lotion will change. Clinique adjusts its plan to fit you, the user.  Simply select the soap by bar or liquid, the toner that fits you, and the dramatically different moisturizer, and you have a 3 Step Skin Care System designed just for your skin.

  • Clarifying Lotion 1: Very Dry, Dry
  • Clarifying Lotion 2: Dry, Combo
  • Clarifying Lotion 3: Combo, Oily
  • Clarifying Lotion 4: Oily

Step 3 (SOMETIMES) Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a bit more aggressive removal of dead skin cells than the step two exfoliation.  You only do it once, twice a week at the most, because doing it too often can dry and damage the skin.  Mostclinique 3 step skin care system of will be fine with Cllinique’s 7 Day Scrub Rinse Off Formula, but there is a formula for those with acne. I love the 7 Day Scrub because it is a light creamy white past with very fine sandy grains. When the grains are too large they won’t work. These small grains are able to gently scrub the entire face, leaving you feeling clean and glowing.

The Evil Sun-Or Is It??

Our beautiful sun, with all the wonderful things it gives us, gets the blame for so many bad things, like skin cancer and sun burns.  Yes, it does cause those things, but there isn’t one of those things we can’t prevent. Preventing sun damage is something that should be easy, but in truth people forget to do for themselves.  I have permanent sun damage on my upper chest from years of living in Hawaii.  I didn’t realize the need to sunscreen that area every day, so the extreme sun rays took their toll.  Now I appear sunburned all the time, and their is nothing that can be done.  I tell you this story so you will not forget to protect this area of your body if you are outdoors.  Clinique has 7 different 45 SPF broad spectrum sunscreen options for the face. But for sunscreen for the body, you will have to use a different brand. Banana Boat and Copper Tone both rate in the top 10 in Cosmopolitan’s top 25 suntans. how to prevent sunscreen damage

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture

Has your skin ever felt so dry and tight like it was about to crack? By then you already needed moisture.  Clinique uses one basic moisturizer day and night, which is the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion  designed to strengthen your moisture barrier and keep moisture in.  Their is also a cream version for very dry dry skin. For people in this category, this would be an added layer of moister after dramatically different.  Later I will talk more about specialty creams that you might want to add in when you are getting older.  And for those with bad oily T zone, you should be careful to avoid too much lotion in that area and use products made for oily skin.

Acne Products, Don’t Forget the Men, and Wait There’s More

What is great is the Clinique 3 step skin care system is great at controlling acne.  Clinique Acne 3 Step Systemhas cleanse, exfoliate, and an all over cleaning system. And wait a minute? What? A system designed just for men? That’s right.   Many of you have said to at least one man in your life, ” Would you please take better care of your skin?  Or at least quit using that dirty rag?”  Well Clinique did not forget the men in our  Their system is much the same as for women with face wash, exfoliating toner, and moisturizer in normal to dry skin, and oily skin.

…What’s Coming Up

So we’ve talked about a lot of things–but wait there’s more. Yes there is always more. Eventually, we’ll talk about the fun extras that are part of skin care, like make-up remover, eye make-up remover, make-up remover cloths for on the go ease, and even a few of my favorite “beauty hacks” I’ve learned over the years.  I have a few tricks in my medic bag that will make your skin glow that you can  make in your own kitchen, some for just dollars!!


Your 3 Step Skin Care System broken down should be easy to understand. You have learned all steps in the system: cleansing, exfoliating (toning), microdermabrasion, sunscreen, and moisturizing. If you have acne, you should be thrilled to know that there is a system designed just for you. Moreover, you can include the special men in your life and get them involved in your new skin care ritual. You see that because of its reputation, long time standing in the industry, and proven results, Clinique is  the only one I would feel comfortable recommending to anyone. Finally, in upcoming posts we will look at the other beauty products you don’t want to miss the medic’s beauty hacks.   Any comments you have, please leave them for me. Jolynn….cosmetic medic

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