It is Never too Late to Be The New You!

It is Never too Late to Be The New You!

You have heard the phrase Beauty is Only Skin Deep. Many people say that because it has become a common idea that outward beauty somehow outweighs a person’s inner beauty. If you are here, I say to you that inner beauty and outer beauty are equally desirably. Each take work, and as I wish you well on your inner attitude and well being, I am here to help you on your journey to being a better you, a healthier outer you. When you take care of your body, skin, hair, and appearance, you are on the road to becoming a new a new you

About Me

Hello, I’m Jolynn. I grew up quite simply on a farm in rural Mississippi. I attended college, earned several degrees, one in business and undergrad and masters in acting and directing.  I also served in our United Stated Army for 5 years, which I enjoyed very much. I have always cared about the way I look, especially the health of my skin and hair. I started being that way around my 13th birthday.  I read an article about the importance of 3-step skin care.  So I asked for Clinique skin care products and that is what I got. Since then, I have cared for my skin and people are amazed to find out I’m 51.  They guess I’m early 30s to 40.  I do kind of love this, and I hope you’ll want the same results, because they are attainable.  Of course, it is good to start young, but taking care of oneself is never too late. I encourage anyone to care for their outside the way we care for our inside when we eat the proper foods and drink enough water. And I am here to help show you how.

How can the Cosmetic Medic Help?

My goal is for you to learn the basics in skin care, even the basics of hair care and simple make up principles.   Please put in your requests for things you want to learn, and I will try to include information on these topics.  And of course, any comments or questions will be noted and responded to as quickly as possible.

skin care 101

Best of all featured, products will be available for purchase, along with top brands of makeup, cleansers, moisturizers, select perfumes, and many more items.

Cosmetic Medic’s Goal

My goal is that I will bring skin care knowledge and health to those who need it. Also that users of the site will find products that meet their needs at prices that are affordable. This is where users and knowledge meet.

Warmest Wishes,

Jolynn Farr

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