Learning About Skin Care–My Easy Basics Can Easily Be Yours!

You are interested in learning about skin care, which is wonderful! No matter how old or young, it is never too late to be the new you!  You control who you are and who you want to be at any age. You control what you eat, if you exercise, if you drink or smoke and how you care for your body. All of these things help make you who you are inside and out.

You will be learning about skin care, which is easy to understand, but you have to learn the steps and stick with it. You will discover that all skin is not the same and care systems must adjust accordingly. You will learn that aging well has to do with moisture and protection as much as genetics. And finally, you will learn about difficulties caring for problem skin. With all of this information, a new you will be easy to achieve.find your skin type

Sticking to the Steps!

There are many sites that will give their different variations of skin care.  There are just slight variations from site to site. What you will see here is the basic skin care steps that have worked for me and kept me looking young.  You will be learning the following basic steps:

  • Cleanse                                                                                                             
  • Tone (Exfoliate)
  • Microdermobrasion (once to twice a week) 
  •  Moisturize
  • Sunscreen
  • Nighttime routine

As with anything in life, perseverance is key, and skin care is no different. You may not see immediate results. As you learn the proper regime, you will have to do it every day, twice a day. You may not be used to this, but with time it will be something that is as normal as brushing your teeth. You will see the results every time you look in the mirror.  Of course, not all skin types are the same, nor can they be cared for the same.  Let’s discuss what to do in that case.should I wash my face

Skin Care for Different Skin Types

There are many types of skin care products for different types of skin. No longer are there just vast arrays of products marketed to normal skin. You may have heard of people with combination skin where they may be normal most everywhere but have an oily patch in the shape of a T down the center of the face.  This is called combination skin.  These individuals will have to select items for both normal and oily skin.   Truthfully, sometimes you may have to experiment with products to be sure they are right for you. This may sound scary, but really it is not. Before long you will have the perfect products for you. Be assured, we will examine products more in depth.

Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

Moisture is great for your skin, especially dry skin; however, it can be one area where there is a lot of confusion, especially based on skin type. You will learn more about this later. In learning about skin care, what you want to remember is that you want the right level of moisturizer for you. Skin that is not properly moisturized will show signs of age earlier.  We will talk in depth about moisturizers during the steps.  Don’t forget some of our skin’s moisture comes from inside, and that is from the water we intake ever day. You may say I would rather drink tea or soda, that has water in it as well. Well yes it may have some, but it is also a diuretic and is canceling itself out as fast as it goes in. Nothing hydrates the body, organs, or skin like water. Drink it!

The Sun is Youth’s Nemesis

If you don’t learn anything else, please learn this–without using sun protection, you might as well not do anything else for your skin. Applying sun protection to your skin after your moisturizer is the number one thing you can do for your skin! You should start protecting your skin from the sun the younger the better. The sun is a nasty nemesis causing premature aging and cancer, so why not prevent damage early instead of trying to deal with the damage later in life. Today beauty companies are online with women’s needs, and many provide SPF 15 in their everyday moisturizer. But if not take the time to make sunscreen part of your daily regimen.

importance sunscreen


You can see that there are six main steps to the skin care regimen that I have followed most of my life.  In learning about skin care, you have learned the importance of sticking to your routine.  You learned that different types of skin will affect the types of product you may select, including your moisturizer.  You also learned about the incredible importance of sun protection to prevent aging and cancer. Finally, you might have questions about serious skin issues, like eczema, severe reddening, or other severe issues, and though talking about common skin care issues like acne will come up, the more medical skin issues will have to be left for medical professionals.   Next I will break them concepts here into smaller segments and talk about great items you can use.






  • What a pretty site! Thank you for serving our country! I didn’t expect that from the Cosmetic Medic! I’m happy to have found your website, as my daughter is ten and we are just getting into teaching her about excellent skin care. We will be back to learn from you and your great tips!

    • Thank you so much Sheli. You are smart to start her early. Thanks for the kind words. My site is obviously still under construction, but things will be up and running soon. Please do check back soon. I would love to be part of helping her learning about great skin care. Jolynn

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